Improve Your Car with Tax Refunds

Improve Your Car with Tax Refunds. If you just received some of your tax money back from Uncle Sam, consider investing back into your car. You can make it look and feel new again with the services of Interior Magic, Atlanta Dent, and Atlanta Auto Color. “It’s like plastic surgery for your car!”

Improve Your Car with Tax Refunds. By removing the dents or dings, refurbishing the interior or cracked dashboards, headlight restoration and adding a new coat of paint – your trade in, turn back, or selling value price could increase. We have only the best-trained technicians working on your car to make it the best that it can be. Find out by visiting us at 993 Mansell Road in Roswell, GA or send us a picture for a FREE Estimate. 

We have many examples of how we have made cars look and feel new again! Our prices are in most cases less expensive than traditional body shop work and take less time too so hopefully we can help you keep some of your refunds too! That sounds like a win-win situation, right?Improve Your Car with Tax Refunds

We also have technicians all around the Southeast in Mobile, Alabama; Columbus, Georgia, and in The Panhandle and South Florida.