Grill & Bumper Experts

We don’t mean to get all up in your Grill, but do you have damage to the grill or bumper of your car? Did you know it could be fixed by our team of experts? Atlanta Dent, Interior Magic, and Atlanta Auto Color can bring a beat up looking grill and bumper back to life in no time at all, helping you feel better about the way your car looks. Contact us for a Free Estimate today.

At Atlanta Dent, Interior Magic, and Atlanta Auto Color, we offer three companies in one to serve all of your auto repair needs with one call instead of three. We offer paintless dent removal, interior restoration, and paint repair services and much more using only highly trained, reliable, and certified technicians. We work on all makes and models.

Let us make your car “look and feel like new again!” Interior Magic is like “plastic surgery for your car!”